Cheap Ceiling Fans: Best Ceiling Fans for the Budget Minded in 2017

As great as it can be for you to find a quality cheap ceiling fan, it can be difficult for you to find something at a low price, especially if you are looking for an energy efficient fan with ceiling lights and a remote control. Many of the more appealing fans out there might have more features and rather attractive appearances but this could be rather difficult to handle in terms of your budget.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend loads of money to get a top-rate indoor ceiling fan light kit for use in your home to improve the air circulation and offer warmth in the winter and works as a cooling device in the summer. There are a number of great ceiling fans worth taking a look at when buying something appropriate for use in your home. These include a number of options that are available for less than $100 each.

These options are designed with basic features for the most part. However, both indoor and outdoor ceiling fan lights come in a number of colors and finishes and a variety of design options. These also work with low power consumption to ensure that they don’t drain your electric bill. It helps to look at all of these choices when finding something attractive and entertaining for you to have in any room in your home which will dramatically improve the air flow.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01MQ2623W” locale=”US” tag=”cfman-20″]Hunter Fan Bronze Finish 42-Inch Fan[/easyazon_link]

This first option for a ceiling fan is available for about $100 at most places. Hunter made this with a brilliant faux wood finish. It is 42 inches in diameter and is low profile making it suitable for use in rooms with low ceilings.

hunter fan bronze finish 42 inch image

This comes with a 13-inch blade pitch organized to allow air to move well in all indoor conditions. Hunter’s WhisperWind motor is designed with an insulated body to keep vibrations and noise from being produced. This allows enough cool air to move around without worrying about too much noise coming out of the fan.

hunter fan bronze finish blade image

The reversible motor also allows you to adjust the direction of the fan. This means you can use an updraft setting during the winter and a downdraft setting in the summer.


  • Pull chain responds fast
  • Motor operates quickly and quietly
  • Embedded mounting system works quickly


  • Does not come with light
  • Requires plenty of cleaning and dusting

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01N909XMY” locale=”US” tag=”cfman-20″]Westinghouse 7215800 Petite[/easyazon_link]

This second choice comes with a 30-inch body and has six blades. It offers an antique look and features a mushroom-shaped glass dome. It is a special model that you can find for less than $100.

westinghouse 7215800 petite fan image

The antique brass design on this fan offers a comfortable look all around. It pairs well with the nice wood finish.

The blades are reversible and allow air to move well in any condition. It is also very quiet and easy to assemble.

The hugger mount arrangement offers a comfortable look that can be applied to any low ceiling. It can be added into a small bathroom or kitchen and will generate enough fresh air throughout the day.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers plenty of speed options


  • Light can wear out easily
  • Not recommended for large or tall rooms

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01NCIHX07″ locale=”US” tag=”cfman-20″]Hampton Bay Hugger 52-Inch[/easyazon_link]

This third option is even more affordable at about $50 in value. This is a five-blade fan that comes with separate chains for activating the fan and the light fixture.

hampton bay hugger 52 inch fan image

The hugger mount feature allows for simple installation in most rooms. It is also relatively large in size at about 52 inches in diameter, thus offering a good overall design.

This comes with a traditional black finish with a solid color. The motor is also reversible and easy to adjust.

Medium-density fiberboard is also used for the main body of the fan. This allows for a solid body that will not scratch up easily and is still light in weight.


  • Designed for many rooms
  • Very easy to adjust
  • Responds to controls quickly


  • Light dome is relatively thick
  • Tough to assemble

[easyazon_link identifier=”B0045CVL6G” locale=”US” tag=”cfman-20″]Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana 48-Inch[/easyazon_link]

This fourth choice comes with a 60-watt candelabra bulb setup. This allows you to get plenty of light into a room while a solid white dome is used to cover it up. This uses a down-rod mount that has a 6-inch rod with a safety cable. The rod is only about half an inch in diameter and is designed to create a strong support. The base is a little wider than the rod but is still easy to use.

litex e ub48bc4c1 urbana 48 inch fan image

This comes with a chrome metal finish with four solid blades. This offers a 48-inch diameter that works well in a variety of rooms.

The two separate strings are made to trigger the light and the fan speed. This comes with a variable fan speed that makes it easier for the fan to work in many situations.

What’s more, for around $70, you get a lot of fan for your buck. It offers a strong design that is effective and does not break your budget.


  • Secure body that does not shake
  • Brushed chrome fits in well in many rooms
  • Quiet when in operation


  • Candelabra bulb can be difficult to find
  • Tough to assemble

[easyazon_link identifier=”B0018P1TYC” locale=”US” tag=”cfman-20″]Hardware House 543611 Aegean Flush-Mount 42-Inch[/easyazon_link]

This last choice is from Hardware House and can be found for around $50. This comes with either a solid white color or a design with gray blades and a steel base with a cast aluminum body.

hardware house aegean flush mount fan image

At 42 inches in diameter, this comes with a great body that fits in well in most spaces. It also comes with a dome light fixture that can support a standard bulb. It works with up to 45 watts of power at a time, thus allowing you to keep it operational without adding a great amount of drain on your electricity.

This is made with a flush base that is carefully organized with plenty of vents all the way around. It also uses a reversible airflow setting that allows you to adjust how the fan works during different seasons.


  • Dome distributes light evenly
  • Variable speed setting works quickly
  • Secure base is easy to add onto your ceiling


  • Creates a bit of noise
  • Collects dust easily


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