My Fan Remote Doesn’t Work

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Fan remotes exist to make operating a ceiling fan more flexible and easier; so it can be super annoying to operate a ceiling fan that was made to work with a remote, without the remote.

First and most obviously, make sure that the batteries in the remote aren’t dead. If the remote won’t turn on at all replace the batteries to make sure the batteries aren’t just bad. If the batteries aren’t the issue, take the following steps:

Get a Universal Replacement Remote

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Check the frequency settings

The frequency settings on the fan’s remote and receiver are usually both set to factory settings, but if somebody has recently messed with the fan’s settings this could be the issue.

The remote’s frequency settings will be set via a dip switch located under the batteries in the battery compartment. The dip switch located on the fan’s receiver can be found by checking the fan’s manual. Once you are sure that the fan and the remotes dip switch’s are set to the same values, put the batteries back into the remote and make sure the fan is fully assembled. At this point you will have to check the fan remote’s instructions on how to synchronize the fan and its remote. Perform these steps.

Need help programming your remote?

How to Program your Remote

The remote was synced at the factory. Should it become necessary to re-sync the remote, turn off the main power, then turn it back on. Within 30 seconds, use a small screwdriver to press and hold the learn button on the remote for 3 seconds. The fan will turn on and light (if applicable) will blink three times, signaling a successful synchronization.

Replacement remote

If the fan works without the remote via a pull chain or switch but not with the remote even though they have the same settings, the remote has probably gone bad and you will just have to get a replacement remote. Once you purchase a new remote go through the necessary steps to set it up. If the remote does not work it may be an issue with the fan itself. At this point you probably want the fan to be looked at/setup professionally because it must be an issue with the receiver in the fan.

Need a replacement remote? 

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