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For easier browsing, here’s a list of Hampton Bay fan manuals currently available.

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How Do I Remove a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?

In order to remove a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, the owner would need a few key tools first. Those include the following:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Phillips driver bit
  • Electrical tape
  • Circuit tester
  • Drill

The first step is to switch the fan off. Otherwise, the user risks getting electrocuted. In addition, it’s a good idea to turn off every single wall switch in the room, or even in the house.

Next, it’s time to unscrew the blade arms from the ceiling with the Phillips screwdriver. It’s also a good idea to remove the blades from the blade arms at this point. The procedure is somewhat simple:

  • The fan owner slides the flathead screwdriver under the plastic band that’s at the bottom of each blade
  • They push back the arms of the blade, making the screws get into the large opening of the arms’ keyholes
  • Once the screw is in, they can lift the blade off with ease.

The following step will include the drill and the driver bit. Using these tools the fan owner can remove each screw that holds the ceiling’s mounting bracket attached to the electrical box. After sliding the bracket down, the user should take the circuit tester and check if there’s any electricity going through the wires. With testing done, they can remove the wire nuts which keep the wires together. Once they separate each of the three different wire connections, they should isolate them with electrical tape.

Finally, it’s time to remove the fan itself. The owner first needs to lift the hanger, which will also lift the ball assembly from the bracket attached to the electrical box. The last few steps involve removing the hanger from the bracket and lowering it to the floor.


Who Makes Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans?

The well-known ceiling fans are made by Hampton Bay, a subsidiary of Home Depot.

Hampton Bay is a fairly young company, having started out in 1986. While the brand is famous for its ceiling fans, that’s not the only product it manufactures. In fact, Hampton Bay is also known for its extensive list of light fixtures, as well as moderately decent outdoor furniture. In short, it’s a genuine house brand with lots of high-quality goods.

Of course, Hampton Bay is a part of Home Depot, making it one of many subsidiaries that the major company owns. All of Hampton Bay products are, therefore, exclusive to Home Depot brick and mortar stores, as well as Home Depot online shops.


How Do I Change a Light Bulb In a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?

Removing a light bulb in a Hampton Bay ceiling fan will differ depending on the type of fan the owner has. For example, if they own a fan with an open shade, the process is simple: unscrew the light bulb and screw in the second one. However, there are some Hampton Bay ceiling fans with closed shades, also known as globe shades. Removing a bulb is a bit harder here than with open shade fans, but it doesn’t require a lot of effort. All the user has to do is unscrew the set screws which hold the globe in place, gently remove the globe, and then screw it back on once they finish the bulb replacement.

The key detail to remember is to switch off the power when replacing bulbs. One can never be too cautious about any sudden sparks.

How Can I Reset the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote?

Resetting a Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote is done in several easy steps:

  • The owner turns off the remote completely
  • They then remove the batteries and wait 10 seconds
  • Next, they install new batteries and switch the power back on
  • Within 30 seconds of powering it on, the user needs to hold down the fan off button for around 10 seconds.

How Do I Install a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?

Installing the Ceiling Fan Mounting

  1. The fan owner loosens the screws in the collar on top of the motor assembly
  2. Next, they remove the canopy ring
  3. The mounting plate is removed from the canopy
  4. Wires from the top of the fan get rerouted through the canopy ring
  5. Down-rod holes and motor top collar holes need to align
  6. The owner places the screws in the holes and tightens them.

Installing the Fan to the Outlet Box

  1. 120V wires go through the ceiling mounting plate’s center hole
  2. The owner screws the ceiling plate onto the outlet box
  3. They then lift the assembly carefully to the ceiling mounting plate
  4. Finally, they fit the mounting plate tab into the hanger ball groove.

Electrical Connections

  1. The owner disconnects the power first
  2. Next, they connect the 120V supply ground conductor to the green ground lead (or leads) of the fan
  3. They then connect the supply white wire to the fan motor white wire using a single wire nut
  4. The same step applies with the black wires of both the fan motor and the supply
  5. The black wires go on one side, the white and green wires on the other
  6. Finally, the owner turns the connecting nuts upwards into the outlet box

Attaching the Fan Blades

  1. The owner mounts the blades to the blade brackets (usually pre-installed)
  2. With both hands, they press the blade down onto the blade arm firmly
  3. Next, they slide the pressed blade away from the motor housing until it clicks into the locking mechanism
  4. They check the blade for safety before proceeding to repeat all of the steps with other blades.


How Do I Contact Hampton Bay?

Customers can contact Hampton Bay via phone:

Hampton Bay Customer Service at 1-855-HD-Hampton (1-855-434-2678)

Monday –  Friday | 8am-7pm EST

Saturday | 9am-6pm EST

More contact details can be found here.

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