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Harbor Breeze makes a lot of different ceiling fan models so there are a lot of different manuals that go along with these products.

Some of these manuals are very hard to get online.

We have spent countless hours creating a comprehensive list of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manuals that come with their products. We are not responsible for the information provided in these manuals, all of the information along with the fans themselves are provided by the Harbor Breeze.

If you have any questions about your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manual to direct for the company, or you have any questions that our site cannot answer about the products, please contact the maker’s customer support at 1-800-643-0067.

Trouble with your fan? Use our general purpose ceiling fan diagnostics tool to figure out what is wrong with your fan and what you’ll need to fix it!

Follow the instructions in the Harbor Breeze manual closely when installing and servicing your ceiling fan.

For easier browsing, here’s a list of Harbor Breeze fan manuals currently available.

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Questions and Answers about Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

How do I install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

Before you begin the installation process, the first and most important step is to read the instruction manual that comes with the fan thoroughly. If you need to do some additional wiring to get the fan up, calling a professional might be best.

Always remember to turn off your electricity at the main fuse/circuit box while you work. Also, keep the light switch in the OFF position. Your fan needs to be at least 7 feet above the floor and have no obstructions at least 24 inches from the blade tips.

The next step is to install the mounting bracket for your fan. You should start by removing the Harbor Breeze motor screws. You will use them later on in the process. Then, you remove the mounting bracket from the canopy. Finally, secure the mounting bracket to the electrical box. You should use lock washers and mounting screws. If the Harbor Breeze fan comes with a J-hook, install the bracket so that the hook faces the floor.

Pull all wires through the central hole of the bracket, as you will need them later on. Now, it is time to install a downrod (a pipe that will connect the motor to the fan itself) on the mount so that the ball-like end is pointed towards the ceiling. Then, thread the main (blue, black, white) wires through the canopy and the downrod.

You should then insert the downrod into the collar yoke and rotate it until all elements click together. Then, secure it with a cotter pin. You will need the motor screws from one of the earlier steps here. Attach the downrod to the motor following the manual, and make the appropriate wire connections.

The only thing left is to secure the fan blades.

Of course, you can always ask an electrician to help you with all of this. They will know what to do immediately, and the process will go much smoother. For more info, also check out this guide How to install Harbor Breeze Fans.


Where is the model number on a harbor breeze ceiling fan?

As with most fans, you can find the model number in two to three spots. One is on the fan motor, and you cannot see it unless you look over the blades when the fan is off. The number should also be on your receipt and the fan box. Some models might also have the model number listed on the instruction manual that comes with the fan.


How do I change the light bulb in a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

The first step in the process is turning the fan and the light off so that you can work safely. Gently hold the fan globe in one hand while you work with a screwdriver to get it off the fan. Be careful not to drop the globe as it is highly breakable.

If there are no screws on the globe, you probably just need to gently turn it to one side to unscrew it. Once the globe is off, the light bulb will be exposed. Replace it as usual, and then get the globe back on by following the same instructions as above, just in reverse.


How do I take down a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

This process is, of course, just a reversed installation. You will start the same way: turn off the electricity and make sure the fan isn’t on. That way, you will be able to work without worrying about getting electrocuted or having any type of accident.

Your next step should be to unscrew the decorative globe that goes over the light bulb. Be careful to handle it gently, so it doesn’t break. Then, remove the light bulb as well.

Next come the ceiling blades. Most models come with detachable ones, and unscrewing them will make the whole removal process much more manageable. Having someone around to help you might be a great idea, as that will ensure you don’t have to go up and down the ladder all the time. It will also speed everything up considerably.

You should now remove the downrod from the motor by removing the screws that hold it in place. Be careful with the wires and use a non-contact voltage tester to ensure they are not on.

Once you have removed the downrod, you can start removing the mounting bracket. Simply reverse the steps from the installation process, and it should all go smoothly. Once the mounting bracket has been removed, you are pretty much done, and you can get off your ladder.

Again, if you are not experienced and aren’t confident in your abilities, asking an electrician for help is always an option. They will know how to handle the situation with as little risk as possible. In addition, the removal process will go much quicker and easier that way.


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