Fan turns on and/or off by itself

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This renders your fan useless and could be worse then a fan that won’t turn on at all, since the wires within the fan could need replacing.

There are a few different things that can happen to cause this problem. Go through the following steps to see what your problem is:

  1. Need to change remote frequency: Often, remotes from the same company come with a standard frequency programmed in so if somebody near you has the same brand of fan, they could be controlling your fan and vice versa.
  2. Read your manual, look online, or contact the company that created the fan on specific instructions regarding changing the frequency on your fan. If this doesn’t work, continue.
  3. Check your circuit breaker: You are also going to want to check your circuit breaker for issues, you can do so by following a guide like this one.
  4. Check for frayed wiring: Frayed wiring within the fan’s housing can cause the fan to turn on and off by itself. Open up the fan housing and inspect all of the wires/wire connections to make sure they are snug and all of the wires are intact. If there are any issues, the wire connections should be secured and the frayed wires should be fixed with electrical tape, or cut and reconnected.

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