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It’s really annoying when your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan breaks and needs replacement parts. Follow this guide on Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts for information regarding repair and maintenance of your Harbor Breeze fan. When your fan breaks there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:ceiling-fan-parts

  1. Do you have a warranty or service plan? If your fan is still under warranty or you have a service plan you can just take it into or send it to the place you bought it from and they should fix it or send you a new fan.
  2. Can you get the part you need? The following parts can be bought at Lowe’s or Amazon:

If you can’t get it repaired under warranty or service plan and can’t find the part online, please contact Harbor Breeze directly and they will send you the replacement parts as you need them. You can find the list of Harbor Breeze manuals here if needed.

Some of the most common issues with ceiling fans:

If the problem with your ceiling fan is a simple one, it’s definitely worth fixing yourself. It will save you the $50 it will cost you to get an electrician to look at it and possible the cost of a new fan. But it is somewhat difficult to perform repairs on fans, so if the problem is electrical or internal it is best to have someone who is handy to perform the work.

Power issue

If there is power to the switch but the fan won’t turn on, the problem is something with the fan itself. Next check if the lights on the fan work. If the lights work but the fan does not work it may be the reversing switch. Check the switch and make sure it is not between settings and fully one way or the other. Another possible problem are the pull chain switches. Read the section below, “Pull Chain Issues”, for more on this.

Loose wire

Again, if power is making it to the fan but it won’t turn on, it could be a loose wire in the fan housing. Here’s how you check for loose wiring in your ceiling fan:

  1. You may need help holding the fan up as you check the wiring.
  2. Turn the breaker off so electricity isn’t going though the wires as you work on it.
  3. Loosen the screws in the fan housing and slowly lower the fan. Make sure nothing is hot with a tester.
  4. Check all of the connections between the fan wires and the wires in the box and make sure the nuts are tightened well.
  5. There might be connections within the fan housing, check these as well.
  6. Finally, check the connections at the pull chain if you have one and reassemble the fan.
  7. Turn the power back on and test the fan again.

If you still don’t have power it may be a problem with the box and power may still not be reaching the fan itself. Once again turn off the power and switch the breaker off. Take the fan down completely and disconnect all of the connections to the box. Once the fan is down, turn the power back on and turn the switch to the fan on. Use a non-contact tester to see if electricity is making it to the box. If the power is making it to the box then the problem is with the fan. If the power isn’t making it to the fan then the problem is with a connection between the switch to the box.

Fan Wobbling

If your fan is wobbling is can be noisy and loosen things within the fan causing issues. If your fan is wobbling take the following steps:

  1. First make sure everything is tight on the fan housing.
  2. If the problem persists look at the fan blades and fan brackets to see if anything is warped or bent. If any of them aren’t right you can try bending them if they bend to fix the issue or buying a replacement part.
  3. One common way to fix the wobbling is to put weights on the backs of the blades one by one to balance the fan out; this will stop the wobbling.

Fan makes noise

If your fan is noisy it is often the motor, which is very common for aged fans. In a lot of cases, the best option is to replace the fan if you cannot stand the noise. Installing a dimmer switch for your fan can increase its life by allowing you to maintain a proper amount of power to the fan. If there is a rattling in the fan check to make sure everything is properly tightened.

Ceiling fan pull chain

If you are having an issue with your pull chain or it is stuck on one speed but is supposed to have several you can replace the switch:

  1. Purchase a replacement. We recommend this 3-speed universal replacement switch.
  2. Turn the power off to the fan and the breaker.
  3. Take the the housing off.
  4. Splice the wires going to the switch and loosen the retaining nut for the switch.
  5. Use wire nuts to splice the wires that you spliced back together.
  6. Put the new switch into the housing

If this doesn’t work, you may want to consult an expert or get a new fan if the issue is too much to deal with (parts and labor may be more expensive than a new fan).

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