One of the things that make Harbor Breeze ceiling fans so great is that they often come with remotes that have a 40-ft range and look extremely elegant. You can turn your fan on from a different room with one of these!  If the remote for your ceiling fan has broken or if you don’t have one at all but want one, there are several for you to choose from, so pick your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes and get clicking:

Want to control your fan from your phone or tablet? See our guide on how to turn your ceiling fan into a smart one.


Brand New Harbor Breeze CHQ7030T Ceiling Fan & Light Wireless Remote Control

Universal Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Conversion Kit

These Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes will make your life easier and give you one more remote to routinely loose and find. Bring your fan into the 21st century with these remotes that let you control your fan with 3 different speed settings and light dimmer. On top of all of that, they are super easy to install and rarely need new batteries.

Installing these are a breeze

Harbor Breeze remotes take a little bit of know-how to install, but it can be done in minutes with relative ease. If you want to know how to install a fan remote just click on one of the above Harbor Breeze remotes and locate the installation guide. This guide explains the process in depth.

Programming your remote