Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Remotes

Minka-Aire Hand-Held Remote Control System - RCS212
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: F302, F304L, F306L, F402, F474/F574, F476/F577, F477, F502, F513, F514, F516, F517, F518, F519, F539, F581, F588-SP, F593, F594, F596, F598, F601, F602, F603, F681, F689, F696, F705, F711, F715, F733, F738, F802, F803,...
  • FEATURES: Three Fan Speeds in Forward and Reverse, Full Range Light Dimming, Independent Up/Downlight Control
  • FEATURES: Operates at Distance of 20-40', Wall Holster Included

Universal Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Conversion Kit
  • This kit converts regular ceiling fan into a remote controllable one.
  • This remote control is designed to separately control your ceiling fan speed and light.
  • The screen displays HI, MED, LOW, OFF modes to control the fan speed and off.

These Minka Aire ceiling fan remotes will make your life easier and give you one more remote to routinely loose and find. The universal option listed above will work with any fan so if you are unsure which remote to get, the universal ceiling fan remote will be your best option.

Troubleshoot your current remote

See our ceiling fan remote troubleshooting page for details and video’s on how to fix your current remote.

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