My Fan Wobbles!

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Another common problem with fans that is usually a lot easier to fix is a wobble when the fan is on. But it is also very important to fix because an uneven fan can cause issues in the long run and loosen up the fan housing.

If you’re fan wobbles you can take the following steps to fix it:

  1. First you are going to want to check if the fan housing is securely tightened to the bracket, where the fan connects to the ceiling. To do this remove the housing where the fan meets the ceiling.
  2. Check if it’s tight, if not tighten it.
  3. If this isn’t the issue then it is probably that the fan blades are warped in some way that is making them uneven.
  4. Run the fan on low power and inspect all of the blades to see if they are bent at all in any way.
  5. You can also measure how far from the ceiling the blades all come down and how far they all come out from the center of the fan.
  6. If any of the blades or brackets are off, you can try to bend them back to normal.
  7. If you can’t get them back to normal contact the place where you got your fan or the company that makes them for a replacement part.
  8. Another way you can try to fix the blades if they are causing the issue is to use a balancing kit to even the blades out. You can also just tape quarters or metal washers to the back of the blades. This is not an exact science, so try putting weights on different blades to see what works.

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