The fan is noisy, but not from a wobble

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A noisy fan can be super annoying and indicate problems within the fan and can be fixed relatively easily a lot of the time.


  1. If your fan was just installed within the last 24 hours you should give it a day and the noise may stop on its own.
  2. If you have the fan on a dimmer switch, using a variable speed can cause the motor to make noise and even damage it.

If your fan is making noise take the following steps:

  1. If you have lights on your fan, make sure the light bulb is properly threaded into the socket and that all of the exposed screws are tight.
  2. Also make sure all of the screws on the down rod, blade holders, motor coupling, and lower switch housing are tight as well (Google these parts if you aren’t farmiliar with them). You will have to take apart the fan housing to access some of these.
  3. Another source of noise can be loose parts rattling within the fan housing. Look inside of the fan housing and make sure that the wire connections aren’t rattling around and that all of the wires are tucked into the proper places.
  4. Check the fan while it is running and make sure that the fan’s canopy is not touching the ceiling while it is running. 
  5. The last thing to check is the ceiling fan blades for cracks. If any of them are cracked purchase new blades from the place you bought it from or the company that makes the fan might offer free replacement blades.

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