One or more of the lights aren’t working

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This problem can be as simple as the wrong/loose light bulbs or as difficult as working with the wiring in the fan housing.

Take the following steps to troubleshoot when the lights aren’t working:

Check the light sockets (only if the lights did not simultaneously all stop working)

  1. Turn off the power to the fan switch from the circuit breaker.
  2. Make sure it’s not that the light bulb(s) hasn’t just burnt out.
  3. Remove the light bulb(s) from the broken socket(s).
  4. Use a non contact voltage tester to make sure there is no power going to the fan.
  5. Use a light bulb socket cleaning brush to any corrosion from the sides of the sockets that aren’t working.
  6. Rub the inside of the socket with a soft cloth.
  7. Insert a small, slotted screwdriver head underneath the metal tab in the socket and pry up the tab slightly.
  8. Replace the light bulb(s) and turn the power back on the circuit breaker to see if they work now.

If they still don’t work/all of them went out simultaneously, next check the wiring

  1. If the fan and lights are controlled by two different switches you need to ensure power is making it to the switch for the lights. Otherwise, skip to step 10.
  2. Remove the switch cover plate and screws to reveal the electrical box.
  3. Use a non contact voltage tester to see if power is making it to the switch.
  4. If the power isn’t making it to the switch and the breaker is fine then you need to contact an electrician to figure out the problem.
  5. If power is making it then for safety purposes, turn off the switch on the circuit breaker that goes to the ceiling fan in question.
  6. Use a voltage tester on the screw terminals to ensure they aren’t charged and are safe to handle.
  7. Unscrew the wires from the terminals and straighten them with pliers.
  8. Connect the two wires by twisting them together.
  9. Turn the breaker back on, if the fan turns on the problem is the switch and it needs replaced. Otherwise continue.
  10. Turn off the switch on the circuit breaker that goes to the ceiling fan.
  11. Take the screws off of the light kit, they are located along the bottom edge of the switch housing right below the fan blades.
  12. Lower the lighting kit and check the wire connections within the housing. Tighten any loose connections and put the lighting kit back up.
  13. Turn the circuit breaker back on and check if the fan works correctly. If no, continue.
  14. Turn the circuit breaker off to the fan.
  15. Take the screws off of the light kit, they are located along the bottom edge of the switch housing right below the fan blades.
  16. Disconnect the light kit from the rest of the fan by untwisting the connectors from the two wires connecting them.
  17. Find the two black wires that connect to the pull chain, one to the light socket and one to the ceiling fan.
  18. Untwist the connector going to the light socket.
  19. Untwist the nut that holds the pull chain switch to the light kit. The nut is located on the outside of the light kit. Replace the old switch from the kit with a replacement. Secure the new switch to the light kit with the nut you removed from the original.
  20. Match one of the wires coming from the switch to the wire from step 18 and connect them with the one you removed before.
  21. Put the fan back together by working backwards with these instructions.
  22. If your fan still does not work after reassembling it and turning the power back on to the fan, then call an electrician or somebody qualified for help.

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