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ceiling fan manual banner aims to provide a valuable source for lost ceiling fan manuals along with repair guides, troubleshooting, new and replacement fans, setups, fan efficiency tips, and more.

Get help troubleshooting your remote or grab one of our recommended replacement remotes.

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Fan Diagnostics Tool

Not sure where to start with your fan troubles? Use our diagnostics tool to help figure out the problem. We provide detailed information on how to fix whatever problem you may run into. 


Largest Source of Harbor Breeze Manuals, Parts, and Troubleshooting Information

Harbor Breeze fans are produced and sold by Lowe’s and may also be available on Unfortunately, most information for older fans is no longer available, including the user manuals! We’ve compiled the largest list of Harbor Breeze manuals on the internet in an effort to help our users find the user manual they need. You will also find any available parts, remotes, and troubleshooting guides to help get your fan back in working condition. 

Popular Manuals from Harbor Breeze


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Solving and fixing issues with your ceiling fan are only half the battle. We help you figure out how to get the most out of your fan in every season. 

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