How to Remove Ceiling Fan Light Cover – A Step by Step Approach

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There are a number of challenges people face when looking for how to remove ceiling fan light cover, especially when they decide to do it by themselves. This article will mention the materials you need to perform this task, how to handle the metal fastener on the cover, how to ensure that all screws are protected, and re-installing the ceiling fan light cover.

Step by step guide on removing ceiling fan light cover 

Regardless of whether you are performing a home remodeling or you just want to replace a ceiling fan light cover, you may need to perform some maintenance or simply replace your light bulb, hence you need to know how to remove the light cover safely and securely without damaging anything. Sometimes, you may need to clean the light cover from the inside, and not necessarily replace the bulb. While some people will seek professional help in removing light covers, this shouldn’t be necessary if you can follow some simple steps.

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There are numerous kinds of ceiling fan light covers, these include popular brands like Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay, sold in stores such as Home Depot & Lowe’s. Regardless of how the light cover is installed or the brand of light bulb you are replacing, the same procedures follow and they are quite simple;

Step #1:

Gather the tools you need, these include; a pair of hand gloves, a screw driver (the right size for unscrewing the screws on the ceiling fan light cover, a ladder (if necessary), and Philips-head screw driver. You may also need a protective cover for your eyes. You need to ensure that the ladder’s height and weight are suitable for the task you are about to accomplish.

Step #2:

Set up the ladder, make sure it gets you close enough to the light fixture so that you can gain a comfortable closeness to the ceiling fan light cover. Make sure you don’t have to stretch your arms completely over your head. The ladder must be placed to the wall that is closest to the area where the light cover is located. Alternatively you can make use of a chair or bench of the eight of the ceiling is not too far from the ground.  In some cases, you may need to remove the light bulb itself, if it has worn out and needs replacement.

Step #3:

Simply hold the light cover with one hand, and with the aid of the screw driver, loosen up the screws that hold the light cover in place with the aid of the other hand as you remove each screw make sure you place it in your pocket with the same hand. Make sure you hold the light cover with one hand as you loosen the screws, this will prevent the item from falling off.

You should keep in mind that most light covers usually have a single metal fastener, holding the entire piece together- this should be easily removed once the screws holding it in place have been removed. Some metal fasteners don’t even require the use of a screw driver for removal. For the metal fastener that requires unscrewing, you may need either the flat screw driver or Phillip-head screw driver.

Some older style fans may have the ceiling fan light cover held by clips. These clips are normally thin metal and can easily be unfastened with just a little pressure on the tab. It may be firm, so be careful not to damage the light cover.

Step #4:

Now that you have remove all the screws, you need to remove the ceiling light cover gently from the fixture and bring it down slowly, in such a way that you can don’t lose your grip on the cover piece  with the other hand. Make sure you grip the removed light cover with the other hand you are not using to remove screws, this will give you a stronger grip.

Step #5:

Climb down from the ladder while you are still clutching to the removed ceiling fan light cover and holding the ladder with the second hand, this will help you maintain your point of contact with the ladder at all times, whether you are ascending or descending.

Step #6:

carefully place the removed light cover in a container, and if you are replacing it, you need to ensure that you choose the right size and brand. Climb the ladder back, and place the new light cover back before placing the metal fastener on it. Drive in each screw appropriately and fastened them to ensure they hold the light cover properly.

In conclusion, it is important to note that it is better to replace a brand of light cover with the same brand, in order to ensure that the proper size of the cover is maintained. Forcing another brand of light cover for the light may loosen the screw holes and that can spoil the entire piece easily. Secondly, old light covers should be repaired constantly especially when they become rusty. You need to check that all wires connected to the light cover are functional and not broken.

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  1. I am trying to remove the frosted glass cover from a cheap builder’s model ceiling fan. I thought the finial on the bottom of the globe would unscrew, but that is not happening. It seems to be attached to the globe. Can you offer any advice on how it can/should be removed?

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