Should I Sleep with an Air Purifier On?

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Did you know that there’s more pollution inside homes than outside? On the inside, there are many tiny invisible airborne particles that pollute the rooms in our house.


In fact, because 90% of our air intake is while staying at home, we have to make sure that what we’re breathing is clean.


Therefore, many people have resorted to buying air purifiers to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, an ongoing dilemma would be: should I sleep with an air purifier on?


You’ll find the answer when you read on.

Why Do We Need an Air Purifier?

Outdoor air is always coming into our homes through those little gaps in doors, windows, or walls making a house the source of many contaminations.


Any moisture in your home can help mold and mold spores to develop. In addition, with house doors opening and closing constantly, outdoor allergens can enter and stick to your carpets and furniture upholstery.


If you’re in the habit of using air heating or cooling systems, they are prone to circulate dust particles and bacteria into your rooms.  More importantly, if there’s a smoker in your house, then this emits toxins.


Pets can be another source as when they begin to shed their fur, they produce an air pollutant called dander.


All these contaminants can affect children and adults who have allergies or are susceptible to them. This is when an air purifier comes in, to alleviate some of these pollutants and relieve some of these symptoms.

The Air Purifier’s Job While You Sleep

It’s the air purifier’s job to take the air (full of bugs) inside your bedroom and pull it inside a series of HEPA filters that remove 99% of airborne pollutants.

For Overcoming Allergies

These nasty particles can cause nasal congestion, apnea, allergies, and other sleeping disorders that can either keep you miserable all night or make you a morning grouch from an uncomfortable sleep.

For Overall Good Health

While you’re sleeping, the air purifier is constantly circulating that nice clean air.  Bottom line is, when you breathe fresh air while sleeping, you wake up rested and ready to take on the world!

For Better Skin

Another important fact is how purified air helps rejuvenate your skin. Indeed, one of the paramount reasons for aging skin is the exposure to pollution. This can also lead to many serious skin problems you’d want to avoid.

For Peaceful Sleep

Best of all, these appliances have fans that release what is known as white noise that helps block any outside noise, making you sleep like a baby.

Why You Need to Keep the Air Purifier on All Night?

Most purifiers have an advanced technology called Smart Sensor that can sense the air quality in your room.


This Smart Sensor in the air purifier will monitor exactly when your room air needs cleaning and will turn on and off automatically. This feature is extremely beneficial because it conserves the filter as well as minimizes your electricity bill (if that’s what you’re worried about).


And don’t think that if you have an air-conditioner, it will do the job of the air purifier. Actually, they both have different jobs. The air-con will simply regulate the temperature of the air in your room; the purifier will remove the pollutants.


Turning on the purifier for a couple of hours before you sleep and bolting the doors and windows to keep the air clean, proved to be an incorrect assumption.


An interesting experiment was carried out indicating that after 15 minutes, the air inside the closed room became 50% as contaminated as it was before the air purifier did its job.


You see, you can’t control the gaps you believe you don’t have.

Is It Safe to Keep the Air Purifier on All Night?

Of course, everything has setbacks. There can be several hazards involved with the air purifier humming all night.


Most air purifiers are safe to use, provided that you follow the manual given to you. You might be wondering why this is important. Not only will you learn to avoid any unwanted mishaps, but you’ll also learn about many of its cool features.


You’re safe with your air purifier if you follow some advice.


Don’t install your purifier somewhere in the house where there’s any chance of water reaching it. (Needless to state the reason why)


Keep your purifier out of children’s reach.  Although purifiers have proven to be great for babies and children while sleeping, you don’t want them to mess around with buttons and dials.


Clean your filter regularly as indicated by the manual. Make sure you wear a mask when cleaning them and do this task outside your house. You don’t want what you’re cleaning to go back into your house.

In a Nutshell

  • Use your device correctly by following the manual
  • Make sure you turn off your device when cleaning it
  • Keep the purifier clear of damp areas
  • Keep it away from kids and pets
  • Clean the filters outside and away from your home

Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

Air purifiers do in fact trap a very high percentage of airborne allergens and other nasty pollutants through their filters.


Nevertheless, this doesn’t offset the need to clean surfaces or mop floors. You do that, and your air purifier should do the rest.

A Final Word

We’re all trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s enough that when we go to work, to shop, or just to visit anyone that our lungs are exposed to millions of pollutants.  At least when we’re at home, we need clear air.


It would be a blessing to experience that when we’re having our rightful rest at night.  Breathing clean air while sleeping is a dream come true.


So, yes. Sleep with your air purifier on.

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