Hampton Bay Model AC552 Ceiling Fan Manual

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Fan Details:

  • MODEL : AC-552

    *Note: AC-552 is not unique to a specific fan. There should be a second sticker with the UPC or additional model info. If you are unsure, or unable to find this information. consider viewing our list of user manuals and find the fan that looks like yours, or call 855-434-2678.

  • Sold By: Home Depot | Amazon

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6 thoughts on “Hampton Bay Model AC552 Ceiling Fan Manual”

  1. I’ve had to replace my fan switch. I’ve tried 3 different switches but still only get medium/low/low. Others have had this problem but no one has posted the solution. I have the wires exactly how they were in the switch I was replacing. Any suggestions?

      1. Try replacing the motor capacitor. That may be the problem. My mom and dad had a new ceiling fan put up and out ran slow on hi and faster on medium. I got a new capacitor off of ebay that had specifications that were very close to the original and now it run very fast on hi.


    I would like to get a instruction manual for my Hampton bay ceiling fan. The builder did not give me the manual for my fan. I got these numbers off my fan. Upc#79214535023, model#ac-552al, skew#138282 & s/noo4464.

  3. Hi,
    I need to contact a Hampton Bay representative immediately. I have an out-of-the-box Hampton Bay ceiling fan (E75795, Model AC-552, 897F) that will not work after trying literally everything. I tested the circuit and wiring to the fan, and everything seems to work perfectly….with a whole other fan! Please contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue, as a BRAND NEW ceiling fan should, at the very least, be initially operable to begin with!

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