Harbor Breeze Beach Creek Ceiling Fan Manual

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Fan Details:

  • ITEM# 0803772
  • Sold By: Lowes | Amazon

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4 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Beach Creek Ceiling Fan Manual”

  1. I have two light/fans in different rooms. The transmitter code is set the same for both of them. How do I change the code to make each run independently?

  2. Beach Creek fan and light control are not independent, i.e., you cannot turn on the light without turning on the fan to speed 2 or 3. And you cannot run the fan on speed 1 with the light on.

  3. We find that the light is too dim. Likely due to the nature of the globe with gives a yellow glow. Any clues on how to get the globe off to change the lightbulbs. Seems the lower part of the fan rotates with the globe.

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