Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Manual

harbor breeze saratoga ceiling fan

Fan Details:

  • MODEL# 00798 | 00885 | 00886
  • ITEM# 0464472 | 0698388 | 0698389
  • Sold By: Lowes | Amazon

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6 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Manual”

  1. All I want to do is print the harbor breeze manual for the saratoga ceiling fan. I waited on the phone for over 25 minutes. How do I do it.

    1. Christopher Torres

      use the “Want a copy to print or download? Fill out the form below for instant access!” form above and you’ll get a copy to print right away.

  2. Does anyone know how to remove the power limiter from the ceiling fan, and what is the correct wiring to do that? Mine has 3 wires, red, white, and a blue one. I want to remove the limiter because recently the unit throws the breaker when the light is turned on from the remote. The fan works fine, so this tells me the limiter is the problem. Please advise if you can PLEASE….Thanks in advance.

  3. I had a bulb go out and now the light wont turn on from the remote. The remote still works on the fan though. Where can I find a replacement for the FD40-H02R motor controller?

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